Country Road Take Me Home ………


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  1. The Jester on

    “Wild Hogs”…


  2. Damith on

    Nice pics,
    Where is this ? SL ?

  3. indyana on

    And this lovely place is…??

  4. Lady Divine on

    wow… nice…
    Had a good drive i see…

  5. mia on

    Hey Jester, are you calling me a wild hog? You rat! 😛
    Rather, if you are asking me if there are wild hogs then no, but there are grazing dairy cows, farmers on tractors, some horses scattered around the paddocks, Roos, wallabies…umm I think that is it.

    This is country Australia, closer to where I live.

    It is a long story.
    I used to live in a small country town and this is the road I took for over ten years when I wanted to get to the nearest big city.100km round trip. We were surrounded by rainforests, rolling hills smog free etc but because I never liked living in the small country town I never saw the beauty everyone was talking about.
    Couple of weeks ago (for the first time in many years) I made the trip down that road to see some friends and on my way I became aware of the breathtaking beauty for the first time. I know one thing for sure old age is sure catching up on me. I used to do average 120km an hour when I used to drive down this road because you hardly ever saw police cars. Some times I have even done 140. Bad, I know. But I enjoyed fast driving back then. This time I kept to 100. 🙂

    Yes I did actually, because I knew I’ll be going home the opposite direction and not the direction I took for over ten years. If that does not make any sense see the reply above : )

  6. The Jester on

    I was referring to the movie “Wild Hogs”… 😉

    I just can’t imagine a motorway like that without a biker riding down it these days…

  7. indyana on

    Oh that’s such a pity that you overlooked it back then…but I guess it was the boredom or lack of variety ,more than a want for appreciation….

  8. mia on

    Sorry Jester, I am not a movie goer. Although a movie might catch my attention once in a blue moon. I didn’t know if you were calling me a wild hog (you know the names city folks call country folks : )) or asking me if there are wild hogs, so gave an answer both ways. : )

    Our emotions could blind us to many good things staring at our face.

    Ok people time to remove the pics. Country living means not many Lankans and everyone knows everyone and someone stumbling over the photos and recognising them and a once over my blog I am exposed! 🙂

  9. John on

    hmmm, Am I the only person who can’t see the pics?

  10. John on

    ah! I just read your last comment.

  11. Damith on

    Nice! Hoping to move to Aus in a few years. Will def check out this spot.

    LOL at John !

  12. mia on

    Sorry John : )

    Damith, It is not an area you want to live. Most of the surrounding townships may have a grand total of under 20000 population. That means for essential facilities you have to drive a fair distance to the nearest big city.

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