Wondering Never Ceases

Sometimes I do wonder what life is all about. I am so tired I want to go to SL just to relax. Now, anyone who knows SL will say you can’t write relax and SL in the same sentence. But that is in cmb, the suburbs and on the streets. As long as you keep away from Sri Lankan roads, life can be relaxing.  

I am dog tired most of the time and tired with life in general. This silly cycle we tend to live. Get up, work, tell the children the importance of studying, eat and sleep and do the same again tomorrow.

Son still has few more years before he finishes school, then I can sit down and evaluate what I want from life. Daughter has been threatening to leave home, on and off since leaving school. I discourage by bringing the negatives I can think of. “You will have to cook, clean, wash, iron, pay bills”………she then replies “ok I will be back home in two weeks” and we go through this cyclically. She threatens and I use the dispiriting scenario.  

 But the time will come when she will say “I am flying over to Melbourne to live” and I will have to let her go. She reckons she wants to live in Melbourne. Why? May be because that is where all her friends want to go. What is so darn good about Melbourne? Damn smog, miserable weather, trams on the streets and snotty Melbournians!  

Son already is thinking global.

So that leaves me. Perhaps I will travel. Yes, I think that is what I will do. All I want now is to find a travelling partner. So we can argue and fight all through the journey.

This post doesn’t make sense even to me I am exhausted to the point of hallucinating.


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  1. Lady Divine on

    there’s always a time where you tend to just sit and wonder about the same old stuff that we do day in and day out… I hate it when I get into that mood…

    I for one love to travel.. waiting for the day my mum would let me just fly away.. She still looks at me like a 10 yr old little girl.. sigh! will she ever see me as the grown up kid ever, I wonder..:-)

  2. The Jester on

    Never a dull moment in life when you live in SL… A bomb here or an assassination here…

    But, never the same routine. Something happens to spice life up!

  3. pissu perera on

    *hug* life in SL aint much fun either. i think my mum also wants me and the sibling out of the house but doesnt want us out also. she’ll have a heart attack if i even suggest the idea of living alone.sigh. good luck to you.

  4. Nishadha on

    hmm , SL is not the best place to relax at the moment , but as jester said its never boring

  5. mia on

    Hope your mother start to see you as the intelligent twenty something that you are, capable of making wise decisions for yourself 🙂

    I don’t know about SL anymore. Do you know, people have stopped asking me about SL. in the past people used to ask what was happening if violence escalated. This time no one questioned about the Govt pulling out of the CFA or the subsequent bombs almost every week. Maybe people are getting tired of the non stop violence.

    I could have done with that hug on Friday. It would’ve been a lifesaver. The weariness I felt was unbelievable. I was flat-out at work but what I felt was unusual. Thank you and a hug back

    No it is not. But I can still savour in the good memories while staying in the childhood home. : )

  6. Damith on

    I really hate it when I get into those moods too. Im going through the same routine thing and its killing me from the inside. Slowly !

    Travelling is the best thing to do imo. Get to see new people see new things. Anyway thts my plan really.

    If you really want a travel partner to bitch about through the whole journey then sign up for The Amazing Race LOL.

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