My Lucky Escape

I was at the computer….. Daughter was at her laptop and son was hovering nearby. Well, he is always hovering if I am on the computer, aiming to seize it as soon as I get up.

Out of the blue daughter peeps over my screen and says.

 “Mum, can I read your blog?”   

“NO” chorused, son and I

“But I want to read it”

“NO” chorused, son and I….. Again

As always, her waning interest in anything remotely connected to me came to my aid this time. Because by this time daughter had one eye on her laptop screen while saying “I will Google it”

 “You don’t know the name to do it” pounced the son

Oh, my good ‘ole sonna, protecting his mother. He knows my blog is 70%, maybe more, is about his sister and he cares for my wellbeing   : )

Then something on her screen grabbed her full attention and she looked away without saying anything.

Phew, that was close!

I will show her one day but that day isn’t today. Maybe when she is 30 or 40 perhaps, and I can convince myself, I won’t be a pulp. I am not ready for her to read, then tell all her snotty friends “do you know, my mum has a blog and you wouldn’t believe what she writes in it, it’s all about me, everything I do is in there”

Well, not everything dear daughter. Some I do hold back.  Like, how messy your room is and when I ask you to clean it, how you push everything under the bed and fooled me into believing the first time you did it, ‘wow she tidied the room’ that is until I vacuumed next and heard thud, thud, crunch, crunch under the bed. See, I don’t’ write those things   : )


It won’t stop there. Her whole gang will want to know the blog name and there will be a stampede on my blog which will progress to their entertaining chatter on MSN.   I can imagine the text messages that will fly around telling each other, “guess what, X’s mum had written a new post today”. Next it will be their parents, siblings, you name it, eventually the whole town will get to know and I will have to do a Indyana.

So…. no thank you.


15 comments so far

  1. Indyana on

    Mia…you’ve coined a new term after me….I’m touched and weepy! But, love, you have overlooked a minor detail….I am blogging again!You haven’t clicked on my ID name now have you?

  2. Darwin on

    Haha that’s a close shave!

  3. Lady Divine on

    Oooohhh… that was close…
    well all the ‘cunning’ things we did at our younger age made us think we were smart.. ONLY to find out that parents knew the truth all along..sigh!
    But makes me smile through those memories though…

  4. Damith on


    The world of the info superhighway is a crazy place. So be weary of what your daughter might get on a random google search !! 🙂

  5. mia on

    Oops. Sorry I didn’t know. I clicked on your name just then. I better add you back on the blog roll then. New name, new format, looking good. I like the new name. Browse you later.

    Yes it was close. And for a long time afterwards I was wondering if she got even a glimpse of the name. I hope not. I still wonder.

    He he

    Now you’ve really made me worried. I edited the MCR post a bit since. I always felt that post was a giveaway as it involved others who went to the concert. Maybe I’ll delete that post.

  6. The Jester on

    You used MCR!

    Anyway, doesn’t this post make even more incriminating evidence than any other, since they KNOW it happened exactly that way… ?

  7. mia on

    “You used MCR!” Yep, I am moving with the times 😛

    Only daughter knows about this incident(this post) so the chances of being discovered are not that great but with MCR any one of her friends mentioned in the post, stumbling on it while Googling for MCR will feel the familiarity of that post hence more chances of being discovered. Though I didn’t use real names I used real Initials in that post.
    Anyway it was a gut feeling I had for a long time about that post.

  8. Nishadha on

    Lets hope your daughter find the matchmaker post interesting , U thought of some evil things in that one mia 🙂 , like taking your daughter to visit your friend so she will meet that cute guy he he , btw thanks for blogrolling.

  9. pissu perera on

    man, times are surely changing. i hope i dont find out my mother blogs too. that’ll be just too scary to stomach.

  10. mia on

    When I later realised my motive even I couldn’t believe my thought 🙂 Let me tell you, that was scary. “btw thanks for blogrolling” It’s my pleasure. Let’s hope I’ll get more tech savvy reading you posts : )

    Times sure are changing. Gone are the days, mothers thought it’s high time they acted more mature now that the children are all grown up : )
    Hey if you ever found out your mother did have a blog that wouldn’t be that scary, would it?
    Just imagine you can leave anonymous comments on it. Wouldn’t that be fun? : )

  11. The Jester on

    Mmmmm…… How do you know I’M not your daughter then? 😉

  12. mia on

    Because….. I have seen your profile pic and you are not her 😛
    For starters, she would not have chosen a name like Jester.
    Secondly, she would’ve said something like “You think you are so funny, don’t you mum?” That is one of her favourite sayings to me.

  13. The jester on

    Profile pics are a dime a dozen! Mine is actually taken off a smashing specimen of human living in SL…. You think you’re so funny don’t you? hehe… 😉

  14. mia on

    “Mine is actually taken off a smashing specimen of human living in SL” Way to go Jester. A bit of humility do wonders. 😛

    Btw “You think you’re so funny don’t you?” didn’t sound too authentic I am afraid 🙂

  15. pissu perera on

    well, in that case if you ever come across a blog where a mum rants about her lunatic daughter and nutjob son, chances are it’s my mum 😀

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