A Bluetooth to Save Face

I bought myself a new mobile early this week. Not because there was anything wrong with the old one, but because it was high time I did…. It was just too embarrassing to use the outmoded one in public. How superficial is that?  But I am not superficial. The society dictates that of me.

That reminded me of something Mr Money Man, Paul Clithero   — financial extraordinaire, Chairman Financial Literacy Foundation and many other titles under his belt—said long time ago.  He said he drove an old car because it served the purpose and did not see any reason to buy a new one. He said, he drove a BMW now (again, I am quoting him from when he made the comment, I don’t know what he drives now) only because Channel Nine provided him with a company car (he then had his own money show) because they were too embarrassed to have his old bomb parked in their executive car park.  I quoted Paul to make my point of why I kept using the old phone. I saw no purpose in changing, it did the job.

Anyway, off I went to the Optus shop- I usually gravitate towards Optus as a carrier for some unknown reason.  I dislike Telstra with a passion and all other carriers fall into the category of ‘I don’t know about them’.  Yes, even big ones like Vodafone and Virgin – I was looking around when a generation Y smartypants approached and inquired…..

“Happy browsing or are you looking for something in particular?”

 “I am looking to buy a new phone”  duh, wasn’t that obvious?

“Anything in particular?” asked the smartypants aka salesman

 “A phone that I can make and receive calls and send text messages”  I replied.  

He did his best to suppress his laughter and showed a mobile “well, this phone will do those but is very basic”

“What do you mean very basic?”

“It doesn’t have Bluetooth”

Though I have heard of Bluetooth, I couldn’t tell it apart from Next G or any other tech names I have heard so didn’t have the remotest idea what in the name of world it did.

“What are the advantages of having Bluetooth?”

His explanation flew over my head except for words like “wireless” “internet”  “doesn’t cost extra to send” that stuck…… however his latter saying, more like a implication, went straight to my head, ”but if you are not going to use those features you don’t need it”

The worst a generation Y egghead can do with me as a shopper is be condescending and tell I might not need an advanced feature. The more he repeated “if you think you will not use it” the more determined I became to go for the Bluetooth whether I needed it or not, whether I will ever use the features or not.

So I bought the phone with Bluetooth.  

Now I have to learn how to use the darn thing. I asked my daughter to show me how to access voicemail and text messages for the time being and told her “do not text me until I get the hang of it”. Well she didn’t understand, did she? She went ahead and sent one on Wednesday. Because I was expecting her call I had to phone her to find out if it was her that text and if it was time to pick her up because I couldn’t access the message, whatever I pressed. All she had to say was “Oh mum”

I cry for my trusty old very familiar mobile. I knew my way around that one.

Life is not the same without it in my bag.


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  1. Nishadha on

    Don’t worry once you get the hang of it you’ll find out how cool it is , especially the cost cutting part 🙂 , btw whats the model ?

  2. Lady Divine on

    c’mon….. you’ll get used to it…:-)
    not to worry.. if u need help, just ask us..:-)

  3. mia on

    Sorry to disappoint a tech guy like you Nishadha, but it is not a state of the art, hot off the press mobile. I didn’t even know the model until you asked and had to look at the booklet. It’s a Motorola v3. I liked it for its slimline design. : )

    “if u need help, just ask us” aww …that was a very nice thing to say. Thank you.

  4. John on

    A v3?! or a v3i? Either way that is one sleeeek looking phone. It was one of the best selling when it came out. Does this mean that you had to get another service plan as well? As far as I know, people in the US (or is it Oz?) don’t have many unlocked options. At any rate, you’re no worse than my mom. She can just about use my cell. I think it’s a generation thing. 🙂

  5. pissu perera on

    nah… you’ll be fine. all phones are easy to get the hang of after a few days. i should know, i generally go through the damn booklet 😀 also, if it’s any consolation, i don’t have much use for bluetooth either.. 😉

  6. The Jester on

    The salesman won didn’t he? He sold you the more expensive phone…

  7. mia on

    I am pretty sure it’s a v3. I can check again if there is a i there somewhere : ) No, I don’t use plans anymore. It’s pre-paid. I buy the phone outright and buy credit when I want. Being on a plan could drive you nuts and at the end of the two year contract you end up paying $450 or so for a $200 -250 mobile. Once just before the contract ran out my daughter broke her mobile and we still had to keep paying the monthly charge plus buy a new phone because the phone warranty last only a year. You should have heard my argument with the phone company; I gave a good fight but couldn’t win. I asked them “why do you give a phone with a one year warranty on a two year plan? doesn;t it sound ludicrous to you? it does to me” 🙂
    Hey it’s nothing to do with generation. It’s to do with how much is in our (mothers) minds. We think for everyone in the family and everyone else in the family think only for themselves. So there are many compartment in our brains for all those tasks and the brain is overloaded all of the time. 🙂

    Thanks for vote of confidence : )

    Don’t be a smartypants now 😛

  8. mia on

    btw John,there is something wrong with your site. I can’t click on it from my blogroll or from kottu. As soon as I click I immediately get a virus alert and even after I do a scan and quarantine firefox won’t open after that until I reboot.
    Can you think of a reason why?

  9. The jester on

    How to make divorce obsolete-Get phone operators to write the marriage contract. You’ll never get out of it alive. Also, Thanks, I’ll pass that info on to him.

  10. Grateful John on

    hey mia, thanks for pointing out the issue. Somehow or other, my blog had two infected posts. Can’t figure out how this happened :S Anyway, it’s fixed now 🙂 Thanks again!

  11. mia on

    Your wit and intelligence never cease to amaze me jester. : )

    Grateful John,
    As the Aussies would say, no worries : )

  12. The Jester on

    Hate to say it, but the gist of that joke was from someplace on the net…

  13. ZGambit on

    Hmmmm something doesn’t sound right with Bluetooth being refered to as being used for “Internet”.

    Bluetooth is in simple a short range wireless communication that can connect to another electronic product.

    The reason we have it is so that we can transmit data or information across to another device with bluetooth.

    e.g: Your mobile phone can con connect to other Bluetooth mobile phones, laptops and even headphones.

    Further Example: Works like a radio station to a radio but short ranged. Things you can send are music files, Computer documents, Photos and even ply music through it.

    Remember I did said short ranged so it is not global internet.

    I hoped that help.

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