What lays ahead I wonder (?)


I just don’t feel like writing anymore. Can’t give exact reason; just feel like I have done something wrong. Perhaps I had a moral attack. Am I doing the right thing by my children especially my daughter, relaying their antics? I understand the anonymity factor of it all but what if she reads and think ‘how can my mother write all these things for everyone to read?’

I know, any parent in any household across the globe will relate to some of what I write. I try to relate events that occur when living with teenagers with a satirical spin on it, so it doesn’t sound or look like I am criticising as that is not what I am doing. I was once a teenager, only difference being, my children have more leeway than I ever did.

On the other hand I am in fact enjoying the aspect of writing which I have never done before, add to that there are few who actually enjoy reading what I write because they have said so. So is that incentive enough to believe what I write can’t look bad from the other end of the barrel?

Believe you me there are plenty to relay especially the comical aspect of yet to mature souls in their earnest to shed the mould of youth and step into the adult one, blissfully oblivious to the fact few years down the track they are going to do the exact opposite.

Can the readers see the light heartedness of what I write or do I come across as a mean mother talking behind her children’s back?

I love my children- that goes without saying.


Perhaps what I write will be justified if I change the Blog name to ‘mother something or the other’ I don’t write about anything specific other than children as that is universal and if I am to write specifics, either work related or personal that is going to be such a killer of anonymity.


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  1. Nishadha on

    I don’t see the problem as long as its anonymous , thats something I love about the internet. You don’t have to change the blog name . it sounds cool to me.

  2. Dili on

    I think someday your kids will read this and love it and roll on the floor laughing


  3. Darwin on

    It would be bad if you posted photos of your kids online. It would also be a bit strange if you posted their real names. It would be cause for concern if you wrote really bad things about them in here.

    You do none of that. If one day your children read this blog I’m sure they’ll have a good laugh about it 🙂 Don’t overthink it.

  4. Indyana on

    What on earth is wrong with your posts! Come on you are not being vicious…just writing anecdotal posts on life with kids…now quit thinking of doing an “Indyana” !! ;P

  5. John on

    The thing is, you are also writing about yourself. You are part of these experiences too and you have every right to talk about them. It’s not as if you have advertised your home address or anything like that (I for one am still confused over which continent you live in). What would your daughter tell you if you suddenly asked her not to mention you or any other details about you to people she might know or meet.

    Also there is only a 3% chance that one of us is a crazed axe murderer and pose a threat to you or your family.

  6. Damith on

    I dont think you have done anything wrong at all. Like everyone said if your kids ever do find out they will see the lightheartedness of it all 🙂

    Dont worry too much and keep writing !

  7. mia on

    Thanks everyone. Appreciate the response. I think I can relax now with comments that are honest and insightful. I guess I got carried away with this whole business of my daughter wanting to read the blog. I wanted to know how it may be viewed from the other side

    John, when I click on your site I get a virus alert again.
    “What would your daughter tell you if you suddenly asked her not to mention you or any other details about you to people she might know or meet.”
    Oh I know the answer to this one. She will NOT listen to me. she will go ahead tell anyway 🙂

  8. John on

    eh!? The problem hasn’t cropped up since I fixed it last time. At any rate, I have upgraded my WP software. Have look again and let me know please 🙂

  9. John on

    UPDATE: You don’t have to check it out again Mia 🙂 A shady bot had registered as a user for my blog (I was so happy that at least someone had registered that I didn’t delete it at the time 🙂 ) with my blog. Since my WP was an old version (owing to me being a lazy bum) it was able to exploit a bug and modify the posts. Apparently it can also delete the blog as well!! Thankfully it was not able to do it. I’ve now deleted the user and the system is now clean. All thanks to you 😀

    P.S. – Sorry for using your blog as a notice board 🙂

  10. Lady Divine on

    I dont see anything wrong in doing what you do coz you’re not revealing any real info…
    but then again, when you read through all these at a later date…maybe even your kids.. you guys are gonna have a great time!! 🙂

    don’t think too much… there’s absolutely nothing wrong..:-) Hugzz

  11. Agni on

    I would have loved it if my parents wrote (anonymously)… my guess is that you will share it with your daughter sometime down the line…

  12. diordna on

    I think your writing is fine and I think is fun to read. I have not found anything that made me say “Why did she write that?”. But at the same time don’t take anonymity for granted.

    A little bit on anonymity.
    Nishada, the following took me less than a minute to find, that is how anonymous you are. Take care in your dealings on the Internet. Your private stuff keep them to yourself. Do not write anything that you cannot afford let your neighbor to know.

    *edited – Nishadha’s name and address provided by diordna was taken out

  13. Gutterflower on

    I like your blog, and I like the fact that everything’s from a parent’s pov.

    Think it’s all right as long as you retain your anonymity.

  14. Nishadha on

    hi diordna, tkx for the tip , but I don’t plan to be anonymous , You can find details about me from the about me page of my blog ( I think 🙂 ) , since I have a registered domain name I guess those details are publicly available.As long as no one is sending me hate mails I guess its ok 🙂

  15. diordna on

    Sorry Mia, I thought I hid the address enough, perhaps not well enough. I will remember this next time.

    Hello Nishadha,
    Yes domain registration is one of the main leaks of personal information. But for a few dollars (rupees) more you can make the registration private.
    Anonymity is a belief that we have but in reality can you really be anonymous? you can’t. They even have cameras on freeways now. recently I had to fight hard to prove that I did not drive at the speed of 128 miles per hour 🙂 and failed.
    You also can trace to IP address of me from wordpress log and find me (not! ;).
    But just be careful of what you say and write because we never know what tomorrow may bring!

  16. Jack Point on

    Keep writing.

    I had a similar sensation when, in a drunken state, I spoke to Indi. I said I read his blog and commented on it, I don’t think I expected him to remember me but he did and I was a bit self conscious after that. I did’nt think twice before writing something, and I assumed I was just another anonymous voice. That feeling has now lifted, I’m sure yours will pass in a while.

  17. mia on

    Thanks everyone. I went through a massive guilt trip. That is why I wanted another opinion.It is now lifted. Thanks again.

    Don’t worry about it diordna,no harm done. Address was hidden alright but it was easy to fill in the blanks to anyone who knows SL well : )

    No worries John, feel free to use this as your noticeboard anytime 🙂

    Thanks guys!

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