I can see clearly now…….


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  1. Darwin on

    I think your post is supposed to say a “I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel” type of thing?

    Keep in mind though, this can easily be misconstrued. Two words – Freud and tunnels. I shall say no more 😀

  2. mia on

    I knew I should’ve chosen another title.
    You spoilsport! 😛

  3. Azrael on

    Oh what wouldn’t we give to have roads like that here. Must be great to drive on em eh?

  4. John on

    …. the rain as passed….

    yeah. I’d kill for roads like that. A flyover is coming up on my route so what was a 1 hour journey (which was a 30 minute journey earlier) is now a 90 minute journey. Hopefully it will ease up after it.

  5. The Jester on

    Rain? Wha…..?

    Ahhh…. So we’ll see more regular whisperings?

  6. mia on

    Now that you mentioned. I take it for granted like we usually do with everything good in life. : )

    …….I can see all obstacles in my way, (in this case, I can see all obstacles on the other lane…) 🙂
    …Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind……….

    Hate to ask this, but what is a flyover?

    Looks that way, I am afraid : )

  7. The jester on

    It’s a bridge thing they build over railway tracks to make the flow of traffic ease. Nice to hear you’ll continue writing!

  8. John on

    what he said. ↥

  9. Nishadha on

    ha ha I know you wouldn’t quit , your too addicted to blogging ,It will be hard to find another blog like yours where I can ease my mind when I’m in the mood to punch someone.

  10. mia on

    Thanks brothers! That will be a good things in the long run I am sure.

    Aww….. thanks for the compliments. Keep visiting, you are good for my ego 🙂
    I think I am addicted too : )

  11. indyana on

    What you were really going to quit?!!! Thank god you had your eyes checked or whatever it is this posts about!! ;P

  12. mia on

    mmm… I like blogging but the terrible guilty conscious that I developed didn’t help to keep going. I had to ask and find out how I was perceived. I thought if the majority of the people found my writing not apt then yes, I would’ve stopped, albeit with difficulty.

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