I Should Go Back to Eating Chocolate. It’s Cheaper

I did some major damage to my bank balance during the past couple of months. All major boutiques held end of the season sales in the middle of the season, for some unknown reason.

This summer was all about divinely beautiful tops in every imaginable pastel colour and flowing skirts. Gorgeously feminine looking stuff that would make even Cruela De Vil looks soft. I think I went a bit crazy and bought a large quantity of clothing, among them four tops of the same design in different colours because I couldn’t decide which colour to buy as they were all gorgeous. 

I didn’t calculate the damage, I don’t want to know. Yes, spoken like the true economist that I am.

After all that I lost weight and now the pants and skirts are a bit loose at the waist, one of which keeps falling down when I walk. But that’s ok, all I have to do is eat a bit more, and they’ll fit snugly.  Food down the hatch is a better option for the bank balance than going and damaging it further with new clothes to fit.

Being fully aware and alert to my failings I committed the same crime again today. I had a lunch date with a friend and since I went to town an hour or so to spare, I wandered around shops and found some more sales and went on a mini spree. Not as much as before if that’s any consolation..still… I know I shouldn’t have. The difference this time is I regretted buying afterwards. Though I must say the few tops and the pair of pants are exquisite.

One of the tops is guava colour in a cut and fit to die for,–beats me why it’s called guava as it is more like a delicious shade of watermelon, perhaps the inside of the guava – anyway, there was a white one of the same design for half price. I mentioned to the salesperson that I just love the cut and fit of the guava top and will think about the white one over lunch and added “you can’t go wrong with white in your wardrobe, can you?” She said “I’ll see you after lunch then”  


I should take comfort in my willpower, however flimsy that maybe – I didn’t go back after lunch. However, since returning home and while writing this I am regretful for the lost white one. Maybe it will still be there on Monday.

When I told of my obsession with clothes (or weakness –depending how you look at it) to my dear friend she said “you do know, a fool and his money soon parts, don’t you?” I would like to think, the need to look good is not a obsession. Or could it become an obsession? hmm….

Normally…….usually…… generally…. I am more astute with money. I am not a fool but I do have weaknesses.     :  (

I think I need help here.   


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  1. SweetIdiot on

    well, i suffer from the same weakness…but i don’t think its a bad thing…i know the moneypot sometimes runs dry…but oh! the joy in shopping and buying beeyooooootiful things…ahhhhhh!

  2. Lady Divine on

    I’m with you Mia! I need help too.. I can never save.. can never resist things I dont really need… and can never minimise my expenses! sigh!

  3. Six & Out on

    HAHAH! Women and shopping. Men out there, it is an universal truth “Never give a women your credit card”.

    Hold On to seat Mia,I havent bought anything for my self in over 3 months now !!

  4. Six & Out on

    should read a *woman!

  5. Dili on

    Chocolate is good… 🙂

    You know you could have saved yourself all this worry and just worn chocolate.


  6. The Jester on

    I do the same with food… Then feel all guilty about it. 😉

    What’s a Guava? Cabbage?

  7. mia on

    Doesn’t it? Brings so much joy and the joy will last if we knew where the stop sign is.

    Welcome to my world. If only you saw my cupboard… of the things I have bought on specials or sales over the years thinking that they might come handy one day but forget about it until I next clean the cupboard. Sigh

    Oh c’mon I dare you to. Go buy something for the sake of it and see how good you will feel. Surely there has to be something that you can buy- a new pair of sunnies perhaps?

    Is that all chocolate she is wearing? Wow! Wonder how it stayed solid without the body heat melting it.

    Guava is ‘pera’ in Sinhalese.

  8. Angel on

    Lol… looks like you had a good time none the less… and even if you spent $100 on clothes… you still have $100 worth of clothes, right? So you haven’t lost anything. in fact, if they were on sale, you probably have >$100 worth of clothes, which actually means you have saved money and gained net worth as well.

    That’s the Angel theory when it comes to shopping… 🙂

  9. Nishadha on

    Shopping must be a female thing , I can never understand why my mom visits about 5 shops which are totally not related before she buys the thing she wants 🙂

  10. Nishadha on

    Btw nice theory Angel

  11. mia on

    How can I dispute your theory when you put it that way? I did get them all on sales after all. He he

    He he that’s sounds right. We women just get sidetracked. Your comment reminded me of my son’s demands before we go shopping to buy something for him. ”we are only going to buy what I want for school mum, ok” if I stay silent he says “say I promise” And I say “ok I promise” otherwise he hounds me. And at the shopping centre if I see something I like on a shop window along the way and get side tracked he used to pull me so hard to keep going and now he just walks off leaving me there. : )

  12. pissu perera on

    hmm.. well most times when i go nuts during shopping i come home to find that i don’t like half the things i buy. sigh.

  13. mia on

    Take solace in you MIGHT like them somehwere down the road 🙂

  14. Darwin on

    I’m quite good at resisting clothes usually – one of the few advantages in being a UK size 6-8 is that it’s darn near impossible to find stuff that fits so…I can’t go on a binge even if I wanted to!

    My nemesis is bookshops. I can spend hours in them and I can spend an unlimited amount. The inner geek in me refuses to say no. Gah.

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