My Humble Thanks

Dear Nishadha,

Wow, I am humbled by two of your answers in your ten questions which I managed to find through clicking those things that attach themselves to one’s blog thereby connecting it to another place 🙂 I clicked on it wondering where this maze will take me. I couldn’t believe what I read, upon finding. I don’t know what to say, except I truly am humbled.

When you mentioned you would pick me to write a guest post for you, did you forget most of what you write goes way over my head and that I’ll be stuck in the mud if I am to keep with your theme of tech topics? 🙂
When I read your posts and come across words like ‘MySql’ I go ‘huh come again’

I am currently following your latest post on ‘Free WordPress Themes’ to change my theme. Trying to believe the concept, change is good, jaded is bad. But as a creature of habit every theme I tried has been a ‘nah’ so far : ) shall see how I go, who knows I might surprise myself.

But I truly am honoured. I have a hard time accepting compliments in life so this was really hard.
But thank you son, it feels good!


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  1. Nishadha on

    You are welcome Mia , btw to the readers of this blog is a great place where you can get some good exposure , Thats if your interested in that sort of thing 🙂 .

  2. Damith on

    Get a room you two 🙂

  3. mia on

    Oh Damith you rascal 🙂
    Nishadha is old enough to be my son. If you read his profile you’ll see he graduated from Uni in 2007, so how old that makes him? 21? 22? Do you know how old my daughter is? Just two or three years younger than him. :-O

  4. Damith on

    Age is no barrier 🙂
    Jeezluiz..Just how old are YOU ? 😛

  5. mia on

    I shall choose to ignore that Damith 🙂 Ever heard of this – never ask a woman her age and a man his wage 😛

    Somehow I knew your come back would be something similar. So let me tell you what I told a 22 year old guy at work who try to fool around with me, flicking rubber bands, paper balls etc at me “do you know that I have a daughter three years younger than you” to which he replied “so? I like the older woman”
    I replied “to you my boy a 28-29 year old woman is an older woman, anyone older IS old” 🙂

  6. […] favorite blog is whisperings so I wrote about it.And Mia at whisperings found about it and wrote a thank you post.The lesson to be learned here is how important it is to build relationships with other bloggers if […]

  7. Nishadha on

    I guess its not the age but the looks , more importantly you have a daughter around 18-20 , I should send kudos your way more often to get in your good grace 😛

  8. mia on

    Ah ha, now I get it. 😛

  9. John on

    For a minute there I though this blog was blushing. weird.

  10. John on

    For a minute there I thought this blog was blushing. weird.

    P.S. – Your blog just asked me to slow down my commenting! Blogs are getting more human like all the time.

    P.S.S. – Please delete the comment above this.

  11. mia on

    “For a minute there I thought this blog was blushing. weird.”

    Oh John, only you can say something like that. It comes naturally to you. Thanks for that good laugh you provided.

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