Son, if you are reading this, stop it right now!

 Just because you know of my blog and the name doesn’t mean you can read what I write, ok?

You said something to me today that is too freakily close to the subject matter of one of my recent posts.

Off you go. Shoo

Have you done your homework?


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  1. R on

    Let it go. Start anew. Death is sweet. Life after death is sweeter.

  2. Damith on

    LMAO this is hilarious!

  3. indyana on

    Oh my god….so did my son…he said why don’t you blog about dad…..

  4. Agni on

    ahaaaaa…. if you do a disappearing act, please drop me a mail of the new home…. i sincerely do hope that you will not do a disappearing act, but just in case you do….

  5. The jester on

    Thankfully, i don’t have any probs like that! Write a few posts of cooking and crochet for example, then he’ll lose interest and look for juicier stuff elsewhere… You don’t have a diary do you?

  6. mia on

    Is this R from Utopia fame? How are you? Does this mean you are reborn somewhere? If so what is the new name or do you prefer to stay in hiding?


    My son asked “women like shopping, don’t they?” I asked with my eyes and mouth wide open “why did you ask that?” He replied “because women like to shop, don’t they?”

    I am not going anywhere Agni. I can manage that brat. It’s his big sister I am worried about 🙂

    Sadly I don’t crochet. What you’ll find in my diary is appointments and reminders of things I have to do. I was never a one to write personal thoughts in a diary. Don’t worry I’ll handle him.

  7. Jack Point on

    oops busted.

  8. Lady Divine on

    oh no….

    looks like you’re about to use your blog as a way to communicate with him now.. hehee.. Homework???

    I can’t help smiling at this…:)

  9. T on

    hahaa. hilarious. i frequently change the name of my blog 1. cuz im fickle like that and 2. cuz my roommate keeps threatning to google the name.

  10. mia on

    umm …. I can’t be. Becasue he is the only one who knows the name of my blog. But I didn’t think he was reading it.

    he he I am glad it makes you happy. It’s good to make people happy.

    umm… changing the name won’t work for me, because when I want help with something he is the one I ask, so he will know either way 🙂

  11. The Jester on

    Oh, just drop your wordpress account details in a blog post whenever you want something done! We’ll take care of it!

    *Sinister Smile*

  12. Darwin on

    Doesn’t wordpress give you the option to password protect certain posts? That could solve your problems – you could email us regulars the password and then you’re sorted!

  13. John on

    It’s interesting to see how paranoia sets in. A simple question gets all blown out of proportion and we go into conspiracy theory mode 😀
    Or not.
    Since we’ll never know unless your son tells us.

  14. Son.. or not? on

    Yes…. Muahahahhahahahahahaha!!!!

  15. mia on

    For the Feb 21st comment 😛
    For the son or not? Definitely NOT! I saw your email address 🙂

    Not sure of that one. Unless I become less lazy and do a search on it and find out, again I will have to depend on the son 🙂

    This is paranoia with a Capital P I think 😛
    No I don’t want to ask him. Now that would be putting the idea into his head, wouldn’t it?

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