When the Thought Is Not What Counts

I wrote a post while back about what I might give my daughter for her birthday. I am not going to   add a link to that previous post as if it is regarding a vital world issue that people should read before trying to comprehend this one, okie doke  : )

The point is I wrote a post and her birthday came and went. I went ahead and got the Fitness Centre voucher I was contemplating on getting and presented it to her in an envelope.

“What is this, a piece of paper?” asks the daughter while opening the envelope

Looks at it, reads it, “You have It, I ain’t goin. You bought it for you didn’t you?. You knew I wouldn’t go”

Throws it back on my lap and walks off

“Please Akki  (yea I sometimes call her that : )) I bought it for you”


“I thought ******** was my Birthday present from you” (I’d better refrain from saying what that was, due to the out of the ordinary nature of that present)

“Yes, but that was what you wanted, this is from me to you, I really want you to go”


“So you won’t go?”

“Damn right”

 How ungrateful can children be?

Guess I’ll be getting fitter instead.



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  1. John on

    wellllllll, This is a sticky situation. I (in my role as a gift receiver) would rather people get me stuff that I ask for instead of trying to surprise me (assuming the gifts were of equivalent value). This applies doubly when you’re a kid. For birthdays you get what you want and for Xmas you get what they want. Or vice versa. It’s not being ungrateful or anything like that, just convenient. Having said that, we are what we are because we haven’t spent enough time on the planet yet 😉

  2. Jerry on

    Ouch! Harsh…. But maybe your daughter was stung by the fact that you implied she needs to shape up? Women and shape, sensitive topic… And yeah i’m using my nickname to comment now. Must change on blogger.

  3. Dili on

    She doesnt realise how much she hurt you, she’s still a kid after all so dont take it to heart.

    You know, its possible she thought you were calling her fat in a roundabout way…. and that might not have gone down too well….

  4. Agni on

    Agree with all three thoughts of John / Jerry / Dili.

    btw, I generally dislike getting gifts – from anyone. I rarely use most of the gifts that I get 🙂

  5. Lady Divine on

    hmmm… it turned a different way, didn’t it? well sometimes it happens.. I know I’ve said similar things like that to my mum too… only till I realise the truth later…sigh!

  6. mia on

    Amen! 🙂
    But sometimes you (in a collective sense) act like you know more than the years you have spent in this planet, isn’t it?

    We are growing up aren’t we, with name change and all that? Well she should know we all need to shape up otherwise we all go out of shape 🙂

    Perhaps she took it that way. I never thought of it that way, all I thought was she needs some physical activity. Oh well…..

    Looks like there is a general pattern of thought happening here with the twenty somethings 😛

    Yep it did! I thought at least she would accept it and then I will have to push her. But not to be. But that’s ok. At least I tried.

  7. Jerry on

    Twenty Somethings?!

    Okay, I’m growing older, but not THAT old!


    that must make all of you thirtysomethings feel prehistoric. 😉

  8. Nishadha on

    To be honest I’ll be bit pissed off if I get a fitness center voucher for my birthday.Thats like saying “Hey ur fat , get in shape 🙂 ” , I guess it hurt her more since she’s a girl, try giving a voucher to some clothes shop , that should smooth things up

  9. indyana on

    Aw…but I feel so sad for you!! Mia, maybe you shouldn’t push things when you know it could get turned down…but I guess you anticipated this! Well, what else can you do now but enjoy your gym-ming then!

  10. mia on

    Boo hoo everyone is against me. I think I am the wicked witch of the west!

  11. Six - &- Out on

    Bloody kids! Im not having them! 🙂
    And the rest of you step away from Mia!!

    Mia,I shall protect you.

    The names Out..Six & Out.

  12. Six - &- Out on

    Oh and Kids if you are reading your moms blog. Im just kidding! We all love you 🙂

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