Heady Sex and the Dipping After Effect


Sex can take a lot out of you, can’t it?

Every topic I came up with after the exhilarating ride of my previous post has been a downer. They all seem mind numbingly dull. I don’t know what to do or where to go.

So I think I’ll take a breather for a few days (weeks?) until it runs its course from the system.

I am stoked with the title I managed to come up with for this post, I guess now I understand why my daughter says things like “OMG I am so going to tell that to my friends” when I do or say something in the privacy of our home.

In fact this title is an experiment to see if people actually click anything with a sexual connotation or is it the actual content that matters.

My stats say I had 178 views on the 3rd of March

How’s that for a simple word?


PS: Beautiful and modest Indyana, please don’t be shocked by this.


28 comments so far

  1. thekillromeoproject on

    Very often the majority of clicks is because of the word “sex”…..

  2. Dili on

    Well I’ll guarantee you’ll get hits with that title. And most probably it wont be just Indyana that gets shocked when they see it in their RSS feeds early morning 😛 😀

  3. Darwin on

    I thought this post was going to be about erectile dysfunction…

  4. mia on


    Unbelievable isn’t it? You’d think people are frustrated.

    Ohh should I delete the post then? It is not early morning material is it? 🙂

    Trust you to say something like that. I couldn’t stop laughing for that. 🙂

  5. Nishadha on

    write something about sex and your sure to get visits , actually if you have stumbleupon or digg installed in your blog I would guarantee that post would have jumped 10000 hits. People like sex and combined with your style of writing that is hot material.I’m not sure you daughter will be amused though.

  6. Nishadha on

    Btw I’m a bit confused , you mean your taking a breather from sex or writing ? 😛

  7. David Blacker on

    OK you got me.

  8. Dili on

    oh please don’t delete this. it was quite the experience 😀 he hee

  9. Jerry on

    Hmmm…. Wouldn’t be surprised if your blog showed up on some erotic blog aggregator somewhere… 😉

  10. Parthi on

    it was simply bcoz it had “sex” on it…even I have tried it it works!

  11. mia on

    Ok, this post outdid the last one, views for 7th March is 223

    10000 hits?? Now that would freak me out, honestly.
    “Btw I’m a bit confused, you mean your taking a breather from sex or writing?”
    Hmm… let me keep you guessing on that one 🙂

    David Blacker,

    Oh you are so cheeky aren’t you?

    Don’t frighten me, please 🙂

    Tell me about it. I wonder if majority viewers are school kids?

  12. Agni on

    🙂 The click numbers probably understate the actual reading: I assume quite a number would use a reader. Hm, going forward, I see a lot of sites linking to your post… keep an eye out for them, will prove interesting, but generally, spammy 😥

  13. Lady Divine on

    interesting…. This is something you can do when you want most viewers…. 😉
    Great tip too…:D

  14. Lady Divine on

    err… what i meant to say was… ‘more viewers’

  15. mia on

    Okk I’ll pretend that I understood what you said 🙂

    I enjoy comments, it is a great way of interacting with people from around the globe but I am not that fussed about how many hits I generate because mine is a personal blog. I was amazed by the amount of hits I got with the word ‘sex’ and just thought hey let’s be a bit experimental and see what happens.

  16. Jerry on

    “Sri Lankan Mother Preaches on Sex!”

    Probable headline in some online mag. Probably soon. 😉


  17. indyana on

    Oops! Sorry I’m late on this!Been busy over the weekend playing good hostess…comes with the job of good wife;) anyway…Darling, I’m not shocked!hehe! I wish I could write stuff like that but my sons would probably throw a fit….and as for my daughter(dont even ask)!So my topics are tied to the fear that the kids might drop in, and i’d be told off!

  18. mia on

    That is not even funny :-O

    Phew that is a relief. I thought you’d go tsk tsk
    btw, I thought your new blog is hush-hush and the kids did not know

  19. Six - &- Out on

    Wheres the sex at ?

  20. John on

    Pretty soon you’re going to get a massive SEO boost so that people searching for porn are going to end up on this blog 🙂

  21. Indyana on

    My gut feeling tells me the elder one knows…but, I’m taking precautions anyway!

  22. mia on

    Six & out
    Settle down Damith, Jesus! 🙂

    …and you thought you’ll join your brother and frighten me a little bit more did you? 😛

  23. Jerry on

    Don’t worry! 😉 There’s enough stuff on the net to keep people occupied…

    …Unless you change your blog name to “Pleasure Dome Australia”…

  24. indyana on

    Mia…it isn’t one of his best shots but I’ve put it up on the blog just for you…

  25. […] a lot of folk who were attracted by its title and the opening lines – all I’m trying to do is put Mia’ theory to the test that the word ‘sex’ draws readers of blogs like bluebottles to shit. I’m […]

  26. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    maybe thts why they say “SEX SELLS”..

  27. indyana on

    So sorry….:( Mia!I think I was in a bit of a hurry! I promise to keep it on longer the next time I post with pix!

  28. Angel Eyes on

    geee…. Mia I sure like how daring you are to write on simply anything that you want to voice your opinion on. Bet you will have quite a few hits on this too. Not to mention it has been ages since I last blogged and trust me yours was the 1st blog that I visited after my return. (I haven’t yet posted anything new on my blog… that goes to show how much I used to love reading your blog)

    BTW Indyana wats the link to your new blog??? (Mia do u know??) Is it hush hush?? Would love to know coz I sure loved reading your posts as well

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