Sexual Urges and the Use of Kama Sutra

Before I begin, I must mention – anyone under the age of 21 please get parental permission before proceeding any further. Yes that means you too Jerry.

The exhilarating power of sex can only have a dizzying effect. The feeling of satisfaction after and crave for more later, leaves you speechless………….

I know this would shock some people off their chairs…. me being a mother and all that. Mothers are not supposed to talk such things you know. They are not even supposed to know about sex. Let alone have sex. The children were dropped by the storks.

Or as my daughter said in primary school “you had sex twice to have malli and me mum, Yuk”

I was dying to write another post on sex but thought that would tarnish my image as the mother. Majority of my readers are in their early twenties so I had to think before they were knocked off their socks. If I wrote tawdry sex how was I going to face these impressionable people? Oh that’s right; I don’t have to face them. That was some food for thought. So here I am.

Besides that I am told my blog might show in some erotic blog aggregator, or a search engine boost for porn etc. what a bummer that would be for the starved and searching eh?

Ok people I know, I know, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

My arm was twisted, not by much by the owner of this erotic site with some titillating material.


24 comments so far

  1. Dili on

    Oh cmon Mia, when was the last time you shocked a 20+ rather than the other way around??
    Oh right…. you shocked me last time… 😀

    Well it was a good shock, it was fun, and it was a good experiment. And now I know. So I say blog on


  2. Darwin on

    Careful Mia, you’re going to get a reputation for being the blogger equivalent of a cocktease if you keep going at this rate!

  3. lady divine on

    my my.. what changes… cool I think.. but i’d have to agree with Darwin…:)

    and it was amusing to read this… not shocking..:D:D:D

  4. javajones on

    Oh dear!

    And yeah, watch out – Darwin’s right!

  5. Indyana on

    Good god girl! Whats with you, eh? But,hey….you seem happy…:) !!!No, I’m not going tch…and that what your daughter said was so cute…God there is a post on nocturnal room noises and nosy kids bursting in me…but, No I’m not going to do write it!

  6. diordna on

    Kama is a part of our lives. Oh wait, it IS my life!

  7. parthi on

    aww! wheres the kamasutra! lol so do we expect more sexual posts in future? at least for the fun of it? im liking ti so far

  8. mia on

    Hi Folks,
    I wrote the post last night and when I checked this morning it had 128 views.
    I can’t believe all three posts of my three posts a page display are of a sexual nature.

  9. mia on

    I off sex now 🙂

    Darwin, javajones and LD
    I doubt it very much, in this fickle world we live in. 🙂

    “Good god girl! Whats with you, eh?” Good question! It beats me too. Oh be a devil for once and I dare you to write it.

    I hope in a good way : )

    Umm….. I better hang onto whatever is left of my reputation, I guess : )

  10. Jack Point on

    Come, come, you’ve had your fun. Now give us some frank opinions on the matter.

  11. indyana on

    Well,in private,a devil I am!hehe!But, you know what the post would be about!I hand it to you, my bolder friend!

  12. Six - &- Out on

    Bloody hell all this sex talk is getting me…

    I gotta find the Mrs.

  13. mia on

    My stats say 108 views today

    Somehow I have this impression that you don’t want any of my opinions and you know it all too well 🙂

    Ohh……now I am with you. Jeez wait till they fall asleep you two horny people. I think it should come from you. It’ll be fun to read.

    Six & out
    He he 🙂 hope the Mrs. was around when you needed her

  14. Jerry on

    Bugger! Yet another sex post?

  15. Jerry on

    I say sell he domain while the hit count is still up! 🙂

  16. mia on

    Er… Jerry did you get your parents permission? 😛
    Btw, are you offering to buy?

  17. Jack Point on

    No no no I do want to hear your opinion, especially on sex…:)

  18. Nishadha on

    I wouldn’t mind much about reputation if the traffic goes up 🙂 , but I guess the people who commented were right , this might ruin your reputation a bit , the really funny or not so funny thing could be if your daughter discovers your site right now 😛

  19. Jerry on

    I didn’t indicate that I read the post now did I? And it’s 18 in SL 😉 . If I had the cash to buy a domain name, i’d have more pressing needs to fulfill… 🙂

  20. mia on

    NOO! overwhelming response here is for me to behave. So I shall behave! Got to listen to the people you know. 🙂

    What reputation Nishadha? Sex is a part of life and there is nothing sinister writing about it. It depends how tawdry or tastefully the contents are written I suppose. I know in SL sex is so taboo yet people are expected to jump to bed with an almost total stranger in proposed marriages. Oh don’t get me started on the hypocrisy of the SL society especially on these matters. (If this sounds as if I am mad with you, no I am not)
    What will my daughter think if she was to discover this?…hmmm …I wonder if she would be shocked or say something like “now this is too much even from you mum” But I can tell for a fact that she won’t be happy about the posts about her 🙂

    Oh you are smart Jerry but I have told that before haven’t I 😛

  21. Jerry on

    “It depends how tawdry or tastefully the contents are written I suppose”


    And there is nothing sleazy about these posts. Even Ulysses was frowned upon when it came out…

  22. mia on

    “Even Ulysses was frowned upon when it came out…”

  23. Nishadha on

    Hmm I was talking of your blogging reputation , your reputation as mother, wife etc don’t count since nobody knows you or at least I don’t know you , just to make it clear I don’t mind you talking about these stuff and I totally agree on this one “I know in SL sex is so taboo yet people are expected to jump to bed with an almost total stranger in proposed marriages”

  24. mia on

    No worries Nishadha. People agree and disagree all the time. Hypothetically speaking if I do have a blogging reputation, what one or two wacky posts will do is spin the readers head a bit I guess. And they are all game in a personal blog I suppose.
    I logged in to write a new post on how we live for others opinion etc, I’ll go ahead and write it anyway. Just a thought that came to mind,after reading comments that’s all

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