Love – The Laughter and Tears That Goes With It

Meeting of two souls with reciprocal feelings of love for one another is a beautiful thing. There are no explanations for how or why we feel this way about certain people but when that happens, the rest of the world is at a standstill. We will exist, live and breathe, sunrise to sunset, day in and day out for one another. They will dominate our consciousness and consume our thoughts leaving a warm, beautiful feeling.

Though beautiful and happy, love can also be painful. Your love for someone makes you vulnerable leaving you susceptible to be deeply hurt by them. But does that mean we avoid love, no we don’t. Does that mean if someone has hurt us in the past we shun all other suitors? No! Should we wallow in our pain for evermore? No! We get over our hurt with the resilient nature us human have been bestowed upon and move on. We might carry a residual pain for years perhaps but move on we must.

If we so choose, we can wallow in pain and drown ourselves in misery and make life inconceivably sad not just for us but to others around us as well or we can make a conscious choice to gear our life to fulfilment.

From where I stand, and that is with some experience mind you, while I accept love that was not allowed to run its course will pain for a long time, your heart will heal one day. By that I mean one partner moving on while the other is still in love or the smitten pair fallen apart for other reasons whilst still in love. Unlike love that has just fizzled out for both, love that was not allowed to run its course and close its feelings, leave you heartbroken. And that is an unbearable feeling.

Still, I sincerely don’t believe that there is only one special someone for us all. There are quite a few we’ll bump into during the course of our journey through life. We don’t realise that while living in the moment and enjoying the present special someone with all his/her foibles and unaware of the future or after a breakup and wallowing in sadness for the lost love. But there are others waiting in the wings to cross our paths as this universe will allow and that is what keeps us kicking and reliving………..

There are many types of relationships….Some we connect on certain levels, some we connect on just one level (mostly physical) and some it is a meeting of the souls connecting on many levels bringing out the best in each other. These relationships are rare and if you are one of the lucky ones to enjoy such a union, latch onto your partner like a leech. Hang on a minute, no, not like a blood sucking leech, which will drive your partner away. Just hang onto them with love, respect, understanding and appreciation of what you have. These are the relationships we just feel comfortable being with even without uttering a word. Unfortunately not many of us meet this special someone in this lifetime.

If you have loved and lost, as painful as it may be, say a prayer of thanks for experiencing love at all. Some people live and die without ever experiencing what it is to be totally in love with another or be loved and to have experienced the beauty and magic of it all.

So if you cry for your lost love, wipe away the tears and look out the window, somewhere out in the horizon there is someone special waiting for you. All you have to do is walk with your eyes open and a heart waiting to receive and you will love again.

Love is wonderful, it makes the world go around but to think love is eternal is a misnomer. Like many things in this world, love too dies to be reborn again more beautiful and fuller with another. So enjoy everything life throws at you.

This post is for any lost souls out there who are hurting after a breakup and might feel there is no tomorrow. But there is always a tomorrow if only you allow your mind to perceive through your eyes, the beautiful rising sun and not just the beautiful sunset.

Wish you well and have trust in that you will love again!

Hope this helped in some small way for you to grow in strength and have a positive outlook.


12 comments so far

  1. Dili on

    wow…. i mean, really ….. WOW…

    Thats a very beautiful picture of a gorgeous double edged sword you’ve painted. 😀

    Ok I was going to comment, but it got too long, so instead I’ll give you a post and a linkback. Hows that sound?


  2. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    Thanks MIA.. its actually another perspective and and softer more easy hearted respose on what i’ve written.. 🙂 as stubborn as im, there are few things im not willing to let go even though they have learn to let go of me easily.. 🙂 a promise is a promise no matter what happens no matter how long it takes..

    “don’t believe that there is only one special someone” – its still ends with someONE doesnt it..? that someone will never change.. when u have many of one thing, its not special anymore, its just around you.. 🙂

  3. mia on

    he he
    A post from you sounds great!

    OK I tried. 😛
    “a promise is a promise” This alone shows you are still v. v. v young 🙂 Wait till you are 35 or so you’ll look back and laugh at this as puppy love.
    Yes there can be special someONE with many if that makes any sense. The person that was special in teenage years will not the be as special in late twenties or thirties. We constantly evolve and so do our emotional needs.So whoever was special in a particular time period will not be so special in another period if we didn’t tie the noose oops knot and had to grow with them.

  4. Jerry on

    That special somemany exist.

  5. Darwin on

    I feel rather left out as I don’t think I’ve ever cried over a ‘lost love’…!

  6. Lady Divine on

    wow!!! that was a LOVELY post Mia.. let me first thank you for this….as every word hit me hard…and it made me feel so good…:)

    Thanks again and again.. *hugs*

  7. Nishadha on

    Lets just say you’ve given me hope 🙂

  8. mia on

    …..and at 18 I bet you have met most of them, Jerry? 😛

    Somehow even before you say something I expect the answer you would give and would have been surprised if it was anything else and your replies always bring a smile to my face

    You are welcome. I am glad the post made someone feel good

    I am glad for you too. There is always hope, Nishadha, always 🙂

  9. Jerry on

    Hell no! Btw,darwin might turn out to be your daughter 😉 Anyway, all that stuff is still beyond me. All i know has been gleaned off books. And no, i don’t read soppy romance novels 😉

  10. javajones on

    Lots of folk confuse ‘love’ with ‘desire’. True ‘love’ is unconditional, whilst ‘desire’, on the other hand, is what leads to the negative aspects you mention.

    At least that’s how I see it

  11. mia on

    No Jerry, Darwin is not my daughter I have seen her eye in her profile pic 🙂

    I think love and desire goes hand in hand. But then there is desire alone and when very young it is desire and a whole lot of hormones that dictates our so called ‘love’
    True love is unconditional that can create very strong bonds in a couple I agree but I also believe even such strong feelings sometimes are not able to weather the storms to withstand in the long run.

    Jeez, reading my own words make me wonder if I am a cynic or becoming one. Perhaps I have seen too many failed relationships (not necessarily divorced but living together for the sake of the children or whatever) to think any different.
    Still, I believe love is wonderful when current and happening 🙂

    That also reminds me, keep in mind the age old saying of “if you love someone, set them free” and be happy for them in whatever they choose to do in life even though it may not involve you, which is hard but very true and valid.

  12. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    hmmm i hope for the better of everyone, i do grow out of this. She is not my first love in my teens, its after too many things in life.. 🙂

    i see u havent read the one latest two posted 🙂

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