People and Their Empty Words

Why do people you run into after yonks think after the initial Ooo laa la “I haven’t seen you in ages”, “What have you been up to?” “Still working at the same place?” “How are the kids?” “Oh I can’t believe they are that grown up?”…..think the polite thing to do next is ask for your phone number (again) email (again) mobile number (again)

What is with people that say the stupidest things ever?  Times pass, kids grow and people age and move on. What is there to gush about?

I guess I can pardon this person I ran into the in this instance as all three details she requested from me have changed still she didn’t know that did she? And when one asks for mine, common decency dictates you to jot down theirs.

When I was naïve not necessarily young nevertheless naïve I used to make an effort to keep in touch while the gushing was still warm, I am just happy to utter empty words of ‘how long it had been’ and just move on without even asking for a phone number or even say we should catch up sometimes. I find it tedious to say things that I have no intention of following up with these ‘long lost pals, run into by chance.’  

After all that, I am the one to always write first and sometimes I might get a mail back or none at all. But hey I was not the one hyperventilating for the numbers and parted with the must get together diarrhoea.   I am always more than happy after chance meetings to move on with a “see you later”

This time, though I was given her contact details, I thought to myself, I didn’t ask, she did; let her make the first move.

So, now I am waiting!!!!


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  1. Jerry on

    “must get together diarrhoea”

    woah. What?!

    Anyway, I just generally ignore old friends. 😉 Occasionally get an MSN contact and keep in touch if they are online. That’s about it.

    No traces of guilt .:)

  2. Dili on

    I dont think you should wait. If its someone you want to know again dont be afraid to take the first step. But take care that you dont become the “annoying=old-nutbag-i-used-to-know-that-calls-all-the-time=now”.

    But if you dont feel like/need it, or you feel they dont feel like/need it ts always best to back off and enjoy sweet solitude..

    I dont ask those sort of questions, I dont ask even what they’re doing now if I ever get into that situ. Cos I dont know if they even want to talk about it. So I ask how they are and joke around for the rest. I think thats more appreciated.


  3. lady divine on

    hmmm… well, it’s just a normal thing that happens which we don’t think too much about I guess..:)

    like Dili said, you don’t really have to wait till the others call you up… why not make the move?:D

    you know, sometimes when friends call me all of a sudden after a very long time, it makes me feel nice and remembered..:) so when I get the chance, I do the same..:)

  4. Nishadha on

    Have to agree 100% with the mobile number thing , its just like a habit , they ask for even though they know that they want call , I never ask for their number even if they ask for mine if I know I want call him , and its so funny when they wait till I ask for there number ( Maybe I’m just rude 😛 )

  5. mia on

    I know, 🙂 that was only apt word I could come up with he he.


    I too don’t ask questions about how their husband, children, mother, father, bro, sis ,dog etc are doing but when they ask I feel obliged to show some manners you know 🙂

    That is the thing. I used to always make the first move though I was never the first one to ask for details but I just can’t be bothered now.
    This life is funny you know. How we evolve etc. I think I have moved on from her to be able to enjoy her company again. One part of me wants to enjoy certain qualities about her but the other part of me knows that I have so moved on to other interests and different groups of people.

    I don’t think you are rude but just honest. I used to be like that and not ask but as you grow older you tend to do things that even surprises you 🙂

  6. Jerry on

    Well, “So I see you got that hair transplant you were talking about!” should get rid of those who refuse to let go….

  7. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    i’d say run away from those instances – “catch you around aye…!!” works perfectly..!!!

  8. pissu perera on

    yeah, i’m with lost soul. i usually can’t be bothered with the “hi,hello,how are you”s so i pretend i don’t see them. if by any chance they do see me, i just try to get away as quick as possible.

  9. mia on

    Or I could get a whack 🙂

    I find it hard to do as most people stop and want to talk.

    There are times I have just walked past if they didn’t see me alas most of the time they see me before I see them.

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