What is in a wink?

How do you interpret someone winking at you? Be it a random someone on the street with a friendly smile in passing or a work colleague? Do you take offence or do you take it in your stride and walk off?

This question is mainly for the females as I believe winking is done mainly by men.

Also if a Lesbian wink at you how would you take it? It again could be a friendly wink but coming from a woman who is attracted to other women how do you interpret it?

Why do I ask this? I have a real problem with people I hardly know winking at me. I can take it from a friend as a friendly gesture or when among a group of people and with the familiarity between us, perhaps to indicate someone is annoying the hell out of us or saying utter bullocks.

Just wondering if I personally have issues with it or do other females take offence as well for a wink from a stranger?


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  1. Darwin on

    I’d probably react with a confused/nervous smile if the wink was from someone I didn’t know. It’s okay if the wink was an indicator of an ‘inside joke’ but if not, then it’s a tad creepy.

    I had a 4rd grade teacher once who had a tic in her left eye. However it took me about 5 months to realise it was a tic- upto that point I always thought she was winking at me. So I thought it was appropriate to wink back (it seemed rude not to, especially considering the fact that she kept doing it repeatedly and rather earnestly).

  2. Nishadha on

    If you are getting lots of winks then I guess you are good looking , I wouldn’t worry much about strangers winking , of course I don’t wink at anyone 😉

  3. mia on

    Glad you feel the same way about a wink from someone other than a friend. I just thought maybe it is not a big deal and I have to move with the times.
    “So I thought it was appropriate to wink back (it seemed rude not to, especially considering the fact that she kept doing it repeatedly and rather earnestly).” He he 🙂 that must have been fun

    “then I guess you are good looking” I never said otherwise, did I? 😛

    Actually that last question in the post should’ve read more like—- a wink from a stranger or acquaintance, (as in work colleagues in other sections that you only nod in passing or engage in polite conversation occasionally) I just can’t hack it.

  4. Jerry on


    okay! okay!

    hehe… A wink’s fine, as long it’s not a “perverted wink”. Just smile back!

  5. lady divine on

    interesting… are people from all avenues winking at thee?? 😀

    it depends on how they wink I guess….
    some are very pervy… some are just.. u know.. admiring winks…

    in my case, if im in a bad mood and someone winks… it’s silent war! 😀

  6. mia on

    Jerry and LD,:P
    No I don’t think they are perving winks but I don’t want to smile at them when they do that because I don’t want to send the wrong message if they are trying to tell me somthing

  7. Never on

    lol You think too much Mia.

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