Centennial Celebrations

I wish myself ‘well done’ for lasting 100 long posts. Yes, I have done 100 posts! If you knew me you’d be shocked too for lasting this long. Theoretically I may have passed the 100 mark a good while back had the deleted posts did not face that fate in a frenzy of “I am busted” mood

I am surprised at the run I had, being the lazy writer that I am. Also considering the fact I found many ways to avoid writing at school and post school. I am also amazed at the things I managed to come up with, in the form of posts … mostly courtesy of my children and their antics, my female child in particular.

I shall divulge a secret not even my mother knew at the time. I hardly wrote my own essays I got for homework because I had a wonderful helper in the form of a high school English teacher living right next door who was just happy to write them for me. I think her passion for words and language got the better of her upon sighting the topics and was unable to curb the temptation. The first time she wrote my essay I thought ‘er.. do I now just copy this in my handwriting and take it to school?’ I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to do. But I learnt fast enough what was best for me : )

Either way, while I was the beneficiary I didn’t complain. My school teachers are the culpable ones – they never picked up the difference in my crappy writing at school and that of the magnificent homework I bring. Love you aunty S, for doing those, you needn’t worry, you didn’t permanently impair my ability to write. See, I can put two words together without murdering the Queen. I may inflict pain upon her from time to time but not kill her outright.

Thankyou everyone for reading the mind enhancing (read the hidden sarcasm there) reading material I provide here for your pleasure and taking the time to leave your kind comments. Thank you also for allowing me to read your insightful posts and get a glimpse into the daily life in SL a generation later…….and see how things have changed in many ways yet stagnant in many progressive ways.

Here’s to another 100



18 comments so far

  1. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on


    Cheers for another 100 more.. 🙂 *wink wink*

  2. Darwin on


  3. Nishadha on

    I’m at 57 so I’ll get there soon , Wasn’t here in the beginning but enjoyed your post while I was here.

  4. Nishadha on

    (F) = rose , in case you were confused 🙂

  5. Dili on

    Congrats Congrats Congrats. So someone’s over the hill now 😀 Best Wishes for a 100,000 more 😀

  6. Jerry on

    Well done and may you write a hundred more…blah blah… Keep up thd good work, we enjoy the read! And it would seem that you post 4 times as muchas me. 😀

  7. pissu perera on

    here’s to another 100 😀

  8. Ian Selvarajah on

    Congratulations!! Hitting blogging milestones is always fun!! 🙂

  9. crystal flame on

    thoroughly enjoyed what i’ve read.. hoping for hundreds and more..

  10. javajones on

    Keep on truckin! Here’s to many more

  11. Azrael on

    Congrats :). Keep em comming


  12. indyana on

    Congratulations…and best of luck for the rest of your blogging days!!! Keep going! 🙂

  13. lady divine on

    CONGRATS MIA!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 :hug:

    wow… feels great eh? I’m nearing my 200th.. hehee.. can’t believe we wrote so much no..

    and tis always a pleasure to read urs..:D

  14. John on

    So you’re like the grand old dame of blogging ? :D, just kidding. Congrats and well done! And here’s to a 100 more !

  15. Jack Point on

    keep going!

  16. mia on

    My heartfelt thanks everyone

    PS Dili, I AM over the hill 🙂 and thanks for the rose, Nishadha

  17. mia on

    No I shall keep the comments Indyana, because they are quite funny 🙂 i know i can be quite mean sometimes.
    The dosage i took was 1g (1000mg) cold pressed 10% gamma linolenic acid (GLA) twice daily
    Not just on THOSE days but take it everyday for a month and see how you go.
    As i said, it didn’t work for me but I know women who swears by it.

    PS If it bothers you that much i shall delete them, just say the word

  18. indyana on

    Yes please and thanks for the info!

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