Course of Life

Most things in life are cyclical with periods of drought and profusion. That is the nature of the world… the yin and yang. Wells run dry and then fill again. Except a very few wells with a healthy stream underneath that can give quality water although sparingly others run dry until it rains. Until such time you can look at the well and attempt, but will only draw muck in desperation. No one will benefit from such exertion —–not the well nor the drawer nor others who had benefitted from it in the past.

You can dig the well deeper to find other possible streams but it might not be the best solution in the long run. Best decision is to wait till the prolific season is upon us again.

Thoughts too run dry every now and then, rather the capability to be creative with a thought and I am going through such a period. Unless I write of something deeply personal (which I’d rather not),everyday boring events or write rubbish (again, I’d rather not), I can’t conjure up thoughts to save my life at the moment.

It is the yin period and I shall quote the Chinese theory on that “wise people detect the forces and regulate their lives accordingly”. So I shall be wise and abstain from posting muck.

Just thought I’ll let you know in case anyone wonders why I am quiet, as I found out someone already is thinking I am slack 😛

However, I am not sure if I am saying goodbye, now that I am so used to shouting about my children’s antics to the world. I might come again at a later date, if I have something juicy to relay. Then again I might not. I might crawl back to my shell.

Take care all, especially my virtual friend jester, his witty big bro, kind and compassionate LD, pissu- the one who calls me ma’am, the lost soul, who I hope will not be lost for long, beautiful mother Indyana, Dili, ever elusive Jack Point who nonetheless leave a permanent impression with his witty prose, the one and only Darwin and last but not least Nishadha the tech wizard who gave me whole lot of compliments and everyone else who enjoyed reading what I had to write.

I am feeling a bit emotional to my surprise.

See ya and take care everyone


Alright folks, the top part was just philosophical writing, the truth lies below 🙂

When your blog posts were vastly about your life as a mother, of the jubilations and tribulations and then the children slowly grow up to be responsible adults learning the intricacies of acceptable behaviour, what happens to the blog?

In short no playing up, no writing material!

My daughter who solely provided writing material for my blog is now an almost there adult acting more responsible, capable of civil conversation etc

So what do I do now?

I think this time I have really come to my tether. I know there are some who enjoy reading what I write but that does not mean I should write rubbish just to be alive.


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  1. Indyana on

    Take a break if you must…but, please dont leave! I feel like you are a friend,although that is ridiculously presumptuous, and unrealistic of me,for my age! Sigh! You are one of my daily “must check” what she’s upto blogs!

    However, I echo your sentiments, and sometimes almost just delete my blog on a sudden rash impulse! As A mum, I find it at times frivolous to be blogging, but then it serves as a source of relaxation, and we get this nice circle of cyber people(as opposed to real life friends)…something, my time limits(which revolves around others)and housework does not afford me to maintain,in real life!

    But, then this has become an addiction, and I’m sure you might miss it soon enough! We will miss you till you get back into writing mode…..will be waiting eagerly!!!

  2. Darwin on

    Take a break but don’t close it down, I’m pretty sure you’ll come back sooner or later!

  3. Agni on

    Take care…

  4. pissu perera on

    yeah, enjoy your break but don’t close it down. sometimes blogworthy things happen when you least expect it 😉

    i hope you’ll still keep strolling through blogsville every now and then. take care ma’am and see you soon!

  5. Angel on

    Aiyoo… will really miss your posts! Please don’t make it a permanent shut down… I’m sure blog-able stuff will happen quite often!

  6. Dili on

    If you leave permanently, we will posse up and




    No Pressure. 🙂

    Dont go……

  7. mia on

    Indyana and Darwin,
    Thanks. I didn’t plan on deleting the blog but just couldn’t find enough writing material. But I am not disappearing I will be stopping by at your places whether silently or communicating via comments as time permits.

    Thanks Agni, you too

    Oh yeah you can bet on that I will definitely visit your writing 🙂 Let’s hope something exciting happens that I can write about.

    I sincerely hope so but recently either nothing exciting happened or I was preoccupied or have forgotten how to put an interesting spin on everyday stuff to make it worthy of read by others
    We shall see.

    I was thinking about it, now I fear for my life so I don’t think I will 😛

  8. Nishadha on

    I agree with you , If you cant find something to write about its better not to write at all , take a break , I’m not worried , I’m sure you’ll find something to write about 🙂

  9. Azrael on

    I’m with the others. Take a break, have a Kit Kat :),but don’t close down.

    You should keep a eye on things happening around you. Some people get up weired stuff, and if you lucky catch them at it and blog about it 🙂


  10. Angel Eyes on

    Hey Mia,

    Sniff Sniff… you forgot to say bye to me. Have I been forgotten so fast………..
    Hey was just kidding Mia. Take a break by all means but please don’t leave we will be lost without you. Even though I haven’t had time to post anything in my blog recently I have always loved to visit your blog and check what you have whispered while I wasn’t around 

    SO I hope that u will enjoy your break

    Hope to see you all revitalised and back in action soon.


  11. lady divine on

    Aney Mia… take a break if you need one.. but plsssssss come back… the blogsphere won’t be the same without you… 😦

    Take care..

  12. mia on

    Thanks for the vote of confidence 🙂

    Kit-Kat, Now that I can have, any time. : )

    Angel Eyes,
    Sorry sweetie, I knew I would leave someone out but was not intentional. Let’s see what the future brings

    Thanks honey, I will drop by at your place. Let’s see if juicy stuff comes up again for me to write, ok

  13. John on

    OMG! I KNOW how you feel! I mean EXACTLY! But don’t worry, the well hasn’t dried up, rather it’s just going through a lean patch. Underwater currents run deep 🙂

    You’ll find something to write about in no time

    P.S. – Look out for my first post on living alone for 2 weeks 🙂

  14. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    like everyone say’s its just a phase.. 😀

    come back sooner..

    take care

  15. Jerry on

    Write about the neighbor’s kids. 😀

  16. Jerry on

    What? already abandoned? come on!

  17. mia on

    It looks that way Jerry, unfortunately. I feel flat and I am not missing it at all though miss writng.
    How’s school going? You are doing A/L this year aren’t you?

  18. Jerry on

    Yeah, it’s this august. But my web routine seems so… incomplete without one of your posts to read through. 😉 btw, by the time you read this, I will probably have posted my trip pics on the blog. 🙂

  19. mia on

    Aww… that is such a sincere compliment, I am touched Jerry.hmm….can’t promise anything at this time as I really am feeling flat but let’s see what tomorrow holds.
    Shall look forward for your pics

    I know it is way too early to wish but good luck with your exams. 🙂

  20. Jerry on


  21. indyana on

    I’m crossing my arms and tapping my feet…so when are you coming out of hibernation?

  22. RD on

    Mia, I haven’t really commented much here but often have a look to see what’s been going on. It would be great to see you blogging again. I think there are always interesting things to blog about and it’s often just a question of how we see the things in out life.

    Best wishes anyway


  23. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    knock knock..?

    really MIA are we now???

  24. mia on

    Who is there? Just me 🙂

    When people are this genuine it really touches my heart but I am feeling just lost at the moment.
    Just thought i’ll let you all know I still visit from time to time and am touched by all the love.
    Thank you
    Love you all

  25. indyana on

    I’ve tagged you…please do it!

  26. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    its beeen tooo long being MIA!!! come back wud ya??

  27. Dili on

    Hello…………??? Anybody there???? 😦

  28. Dili on

    Enough vacation Mia, time you came back… 🙂 You’ve got people that miss you here….

  29. Jerry on



  30. mia on

    Damn kids! 🙂

    Do you know I could’ve pretended not to have seen your messages 😛

  31. Jerry on

    Yeah, but we’d have just kept knocking…. 😀

    Now that we know you’re there…..

  32. indyana on

    Oh miaaaa! where are youuuuu?

  33. John on

    We could try to make this the most commented post in the history of the WORLD!

  34. mia on

    What is this an ambush of sorts? 😛

  35. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    well too bad.. this is goin to continue.. until we see a new post asap!!!.. pronto!.. 😛

  36. mia on

    In appreciation for all your love and encouragement, how about if I write a post about hilarious actual incidents that are more satirical than made up jokes?
    I should say I will be copying them from a paper i recently came across, so how about that?

  37. Dili on

    Well if you need ideas, why not just write up something on all the comments her 🙂 you know all that time you spent replying, you could have spent posting.. 😀

    How is everything??

  38. mia on

    Re; How is everything?

    In one word -‘complicated’ 🙂

  39. Jerry on

    Hey, I just realized your blog is one year old this month!

    Happy anniversary!

    Comment #39 😀

  40. mia on

    Really, Jerry. I didn’t even realise. Thank you
    How did you find that out?

    #40 🙂

  41. Jerry on

    I don’t know…

    And it’s this day!


  42. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    knock knock…

    still not tired of us asking you to come back ;-)???


  43. mia on

    This is what happens when you associate with children, you get to play games 🙂

    How can I be tired but be appreciative of all the love I get.
    I did ask if anyone wants some hilarious incidents written but no one seems to want or actually read the comments. 🙂


  44. Jerry on

    Yes yes, that’s fine 😀 Just assumed that you’d do that anyway. 🙂


  45. John on

    A post by any other name is still a post. So c’mon up and make your satirical post :]

  46. mia on

    Yes sir, Mr John 😛
    I logged on after typing the contents so here goes another post though copied.

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